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Our Favorite Villas In Riviera Maya

As one of the safest and most stunning tourist destinations in Mexico, our Riviera Maya villa rentals can give you and your guests a vacation you will never forget. View our villa collection to start planning your dream vacation today.

4 Bedrooms
Starts at: $2,000
4 Bedrooms
Starts at: $1,500
4 Bedrooms
Starts at: $1,550
4 Bedrooms
Starts at: $3,700
11 Bedrooms
Starts at: $2,600
4 Bedrooms
Starts at: $21,220
14 Bedrooms
Starts at: $2,444
6 Bedrooms
Starts at: $2,750
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Why Riviera Maya is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Vacation

Riviera Maya is fast becoming Mexico’s top destination, and it’s no surprise why. This beautiful stretch of beachfront resorts, villas, and private rentals runs straight from Cancun to Tulum, entertaining hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

This also makes Riviera Maya one of Mexico’s most crowded locations and a tourism industry hotspot, which is why there is no better way to enjoy it than by booking your own private villa for you, your family, and your guests. Your Riviera Maya vacation will be an experience like no other when you choose villa rentals with the help of Agave Villas.

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Things To Do In Riviera Maya

Family-Friendly Activities

Riviera Maya’s coastal resort town, Playa del Carmen, is famously known for its intense party scene, however the area is also packed with activity schedules for families and groups of all ages. Xcaret, Xplor, and Xel-Ha are just some of the eco-adventure theme parks in Riviera Maya, offering one of a kind ocean adventures like river tubing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and exploring all of the cenotes that run underneath the whole area. The beautiful waters of these beaches can’t be topped, and you’ll never find a better beachfront than here.

Luxury Spas and 5-Star Restaurants

Riviera Maya may have non-stop action-packed adventure options and Mayan cultural landmarks, but it’s also one of the best places in Mexico to experience the high-end luxury resorts, spas, and restaurants of the country. If you’re looking for a high-end experience that will pamper you like no other, Riviera Maya is a great choice.

Just north of Playa del Carmen you’ll find the luxury resorts and spas of Mayakoba. A foodie scene of high-end Mexican haute cuisines can be found in Tulum, in restaurants like Arca and Hartwood ready to blow your mind. Give yourself the world-class luxury concierge experience from start to finish with unbelievable rental properties like villas, chalets, and the best spas and restaurants in the region.

Cultural Remnants in Ancient Ruins

You can’t visit Riviera Maya without stopping by some of Tulum’s historic Mayan cultural ruins. For added Mayan adventures, we recommend kayaking down the Sian Ka’an, which means “Origin of the Sky” in the Mayan language. This beautiful UNESCO-protected jungle is just one of the many wonders found in the area.

Experience kite-surfing, wind-surfing, and water-surfing around historical Mayan landmarks, and scuba dive and snorkel to witness over a thousand different marine species. For a dry adventure, visit the Yucatan and delve into the ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Riviera Maya has something for every kind of traveler, including those who want to come down alone, or those looking for a break from their party group and experience something solo away from the villa rentals. Riviera Maya and Tulum have great spots for wellness and general health pursuits.

When experienced alone, the ruins are also an experience perfect for soul-searching, so head to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba.

A Party Scene Like No Other

Riviera Maya offers fun and wild adventures in the day, relaxing luxury amenities in the afternoon, and a party scene that never stops pumping in the night. The nightlife in Playa del Carmen is the best in Riviera Maya, with nightclubs, restaurants, and bars all packed right in the heart of the resort town.

Some of the favorite outdoor beach clubs include KOOL, Indigo, and Mamita’s, all found in Playa del Carmen partying every night. Experience a different party every night of the week, and even some daytime partying if you know where to look.

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What You Can Experience in Riviera Maya

Swimming with Whale Sharks

From mid-May to mid-September, visitors of Riviera Maya can experience whale shark season. Witnessing these gentle giants in their natural habitat on a whale shark tour is one of the most spectacular experiences you can have during your time here and is something that will keep you coming back to Riviera Maya for years to come.

Chichen Itza Ruins

This ancient Mayan city is roughly 4 square miles and is considered a historical and cultural landmark by the tourism industry, with the city being home to a peak of about 35,000 people in its past.

Cenote Ik Kil

Located in the Ik Kil Archaeological Park just near the Mayan Chichen Itza ruins is one of the most popular cenotes in Riviera Maya: Cenote Ik Kil. Dive into this ancient cenote and others like the Cenotes Dos Ojos and Cenote X’Canche.

Xcaret Park

Whether you’re a full family with kids, a couple looking for fun, or a group of friends in search of an adventure, Xcaret Park is a must-see when you’re in Riviera Maya. Experience the underground river, check out the awesome animals, and more.

5th Avenue

Also known as “Quinta” by the locals, 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to shop, party, and dine, with something for everyone who passes through. With countless options of stores and restaurants on 5th Avenue, you’re sure to have an absolute blast.

Sian Ka’an

Meaning “Origin of the Sky” in the Mayan language, Sian Ka’an is a must-see jungle biosphere, with over 300 species of birds, endless fields of mangroves and marshes, and a marine section with its own barrier reef, forming a complex hydrological biosystem. Perfect stop for tourists who truly want to see nature at work.

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The Riviera Maya Villa Rental Experts in Mexico

Why Experience Riviera Maya With Agave Villas Mexico?

Meet Agave Villas owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman

Passion and Expertise Combined

When Agave Villas was founded in 2014, it was started from a passion to share Mexico, this diverse and incredible country that we love and call home. We believe that Mexico is a place that should be visited by everyone…a place of color, flavor, hospitality, music, art, beauty, culture, and kindness. Mexico is not just a place to go for a vacation; it is a place to be experienced.

Because we believe that our clients' vacation and time with their loved ones is valuable and they deserve the very best experience possible, we have become experts in all of our Mexican destinations and have hand selected every villa in our collection. We believe that renting a villa is more than just about privacy, personalized service, comfort, or ease; it is about taking time to spend with family and friends and experiencing memories that will last for a lifetime.

Owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman have a combined 50+ years of experience working in the luxury hospitality industry and are joined by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable rental agents, concierges and villa staff who share their values and passion for what they do. We are dedicated to creating the perfect vacation experience for our clients through first hand knowledge of all of our destinations and our luxury villa collection throughout Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Los Cabos and the Riviera Maya.

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Book a Luxury Villa in Riviera Maya

Agave Villas Mexico is the premium team for tourists and travellers looking for the ultimate Mexican villa in Riviera Maya and other Mexican destinations. Booking with Agave Villas Mexico ensures that you and your guests experience a premium renting service unlike any other, as our team does everything we can to guarantee an absolute stress-free and personalized vacation.

Finding and booking a villa perfectly suited to your group's wants and needs is never an easy task, which is why Agave Villas Mexico is here to streamline the process of finding Riviera Maya rentals. Let us connect you with the Riviera Maya vacation rental of your dreams, a luxury world-class home that matches your exact preferences, from bedroom count to price to a breathtaking view, including whatever else you need to make this vacation truly yours.

Experience Mexico the right way, and give you and your guests the luxury villa experience they’ve always wanted. Agave Villas Mexico -- making personalized villa vacations easy.

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