Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You need a valid passport. If you arrive by plane, you will get a tourist visa card upon arrival. Just fill in your basic information on the card. The immigration officer will stamp it and keep one copy. Please keep your copy and present it to immigration upon departure.

If you are traveling by car, you should check with the nearest Mexican Consulate for the most current information.

If a child under 18 is traveling to or from Mexico without both parents, Mexican law requires a notarized letter of permission from the absent parent. This letter should include:

  • Parent's name
  • Child's name
  • Names of anyone traveling with the child
  • Notarized signature of the absent parent

The child must carry the original letter along with proof of the parent-child relationship (usually a birth certificate) and, if applicable, an original custody decree.

Note: Requirements to enter Mexico are subject to change, check with your airline or visit the Mexican Embassy Website.

Most of our villas allow check-in any time after 3 pm and check-out no later than 11 am. If you have a flight leaving later in the day or are arriving on an early flight, most villas will do their best to accommodate an early check-in or later check-out. However, if there is another group leaving or arriving on the same day, it may not be possible as the villa requires time for thorough cleaning and preparation. Nevertheless, guests can typically leave their luggage at the villa, go for lunch, and retrieve their luggage before their flight. Alternatively, they can return to check in once the villa is ready.

Some villas allow pets, depending on the property. We will accommodate pet requests wherever possible. Please contact us with your specific questions, and our team will assist you.

No, we do not charge a booking fee but if you would like to pay with a credit card, there is a 3% transaction fee. Alternatively, we also accept electronic transfers, direct deposits or wire transfers if clients do not want to use a credit card.

Yes, we do. Since unforeseen circumstances can arise, we highly recommend purchasing trip insurance, which provides you with coverage for unforeseen circumstances, everything from a canceled flight to a medical emergency. Visit our travel protection page for more information about purchasing trip insurance. If you click the "Purchase Coverage Now" button, you can fill out a form for a quick online quote.

Cancellation policies vary from villa to villa but if you are interested in a specific villa our agents can let you know the cancellation policy of your villa. We also include the cancellation policy in our rental agreements so that it is clear prior to booking.

Your arrival logistics will be coordinated by your personal concierge. While some villas offer airport pickup or an escort, most do not. We can arrange villa transfers or escorts upon request. In certain locations, we can even arrange for a rental car to be delivered to your villa. Please contact us for more details.

Each villa has its own policies for changing the booking. If you want to completely change the dates, we will work with the villa to see what is possible. If you would like to add more guests prior to arrival, we can adjust accordingly. For our villas that have a tiered pricing structure or charge per guest, we recommend starting with the minimum number of guests that you think will be coming as some villas will not offer refunds for cancelling guests but they will allow you to add more to your group, as long as it works for the bedding arrangement of the villa.

For most villas, the lead guest must be at least 25 years old to make a reservation. Some villas may have higher minimum age requirements. Please contact us for assistance.

Many of our villas are fully staffed with a full-time cook, a bartender, waiter or butler and daily housekeeping. While many of our guests prefer to enjoy meals and beverages in the common areas or by the pool, we are happy to accommodate requests if you would like something brought to your room. You only need to ask, and if it is feasible, we would be happy to bring your desired items to your room.

You can help us to find the perfect villa for you by providing as much information as possible, such as group size, composition, budget, preferred destinations, design style, and any specific wants and needs. This will help us narrow down the best options for you and put together a curated list of villas that fit all your needs.

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