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Looking to book the trip of a lifetime with your friends and family? Agave Villas makes personalized vacations easy with our wide selection of Cabo San Lucas Villa Rentals. Let us help you find your ideal luxury accommodations to experience Cabo like never before.

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Starts at: $3,700
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Starts at: $4,500
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Starts at: $4,300
6 Bedrooms
Starts at: $5,500
6 Bedrooms
Starts at: $2,600
5 Bedrooms
Starts at: $1,950
5 Bedrooms
Starts at: $1,295
7 Bedrooms
Starts at: $4,000
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Why Cabo San Lucas is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Vacation

An endless list of breweries, nightclubs, and bars make Cabo San Lucas one of the top adult vacation destinations in the world. What better way to live the Baja lifestyle than to have an ice-cold drink by the ocean? With the help of Agave Villas, you can enjoy both the exotic party lifestyle Cabo is known for, as well as the privacy that comes with renting your own beautiful villa.

Cabo has always been one of the go-to destinations for friends looking for endless jungle and beach adventure, but recent developments have made it friendly for families and travelers looking to wind down. Whether you’re into a luxury vacation or a more down-to-earth ocean experience, Cabo San Lucas has something waiting for you.

As one of the hottest tourist destinations in Cabo, Cabo San Lucas can get crowded and overly busy. Even luxury resort condo properties and similar establishments will be littered with people trying to make the most out of the festivities. At Agave Villas, we want you to experience Cabo San Lucas as it really is. Appreciate the shores like a local by renting a Cabo San Lucas villa for yourself and your guests where you can just sit back and relax.

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What Makes Cabo San Lucas Unique & Special

An Infectious Party Culture

Cabo San Lucas is an oceanfront party hotspot like no other. Social festivities are scattered around the area from dusk till dawn. Whether you enjoy a high-end nightclub with hot tubs or more down-to-earth cantinas and live music venues, Cabo San Lucas is brimmed to the top with life just waiting for you. 

Crowd favorites such as Mango Deck, The Office On The Beach, and Happy Ending Cantina are must-visits. Whether you like cold beers by the beach or upscale parties in an exclusive resort or condo, Cabo San Lucas has you covered.

Kid-Friendly Fun Abound

Cabo San Lucas may have a reputation as the go-to vacation location for spring breakers, but calmer venues also wait for the more relaxed travelers. Outdoor activities in quieter waters where kids can swim with dolphins and watch sea turtle releases make Cabo San Lucas perfect for a family-friendly vacation. The city has no shortage of all-inclusive resorts and kids camps that guarantee guests of all ages to have something to enjoy.

5-Star Spas and Luxury Amenities

Cabo San Lucas may have endless raves, but there are also pockets of peace that you can enjoy to yourself. Luxury all-inclusive resorts are ideal for couple and family retreats. These often feature fun waterslides, swim-up bars, and other fun pool additions on top of pristine ocean waters. 

Holiday Inn Express, Villa la Estancia, and Grand Solmar all offer amazing spa packages that can reinvigorate and detoxify you in preparation for another night of partying. Book a massage, a body scrub, or a facial for yourself, your best pal, or your partner. Get a taste of the amazing Mexican pampering the region is known for.

Sportfishing & Charters

Experience a whole new side of Cabo San Lucas with sportfishing. The tropical paradise offers a great season for fishing year-round. With cheap fishing permits, you’ll be able to experience what drew Ernest Hemingway to this charming paradise. 

Yachts, speedboats, and jet skis are all available for rent. Take a tour of the Cabo San Lucas shores in style, or take a day trip to see the neighboring sights in San Jose del Cabo. Set out to the sea and take partying and luxury to a whole new level.

Live As A Local

What better way to see Cabo San Lucas than to experience it as a local? Although there are no shortages of real estate and contemporary accommodations, the busy crowds year-round can be taxing for more private guests. Renting private luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas lets you enjoy the scenic location from the comfort of your own space.

See Cabo San Lucas at your own pace by renting a car or a boat to tour the city. The city can be fast-paced at times. Renting a private mode of transportation gives you the opportunity to take in everything this exotic escape has in store on your own time.

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What You Can Experience in Cabo San Lucas

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The natural icon Cabo San Lucas is known for. Also known locally as El Arco, this distinctive rock formation can be found at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Translating to Land’s End in English, this rock formation represents the threshold between land and sea.

Lover’s Beach

Lover’s Beach or Playa del Amor is another must-visit in the region and is the photogenic marvel featured in many travel ads for the Los Cabos region. This hidden cove can be accessed by renting a water taxi at the marina. Towering rocks hug the beaches, serving as a perfect backdrop for your next holiday photo.

Marina Cabo San Lucas

Luxury yacht renting services, along with other amenities, are open for tours of Cabo San Lucas. See the city from the pristine shores. Partake in fine dining experiences after a day of sportfishing and golfing. The marina offers plenty of other activities by the beach and sea, such as kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling. Look up schedules to ensure your arrival coincides with whale watching season.

San Jose Del Cabo

Also known as Old Town, San Jose Del Cabo features much of the old-time charm in this otherwise developed region in the form of cobblestone streets and quaint architectural features. A day trip may no longer be enough with new dining establishments and resorts cropping up regularly in this beautiful side of town.

Find Your Ideal Cabo San Lucas Villa With Agave Villas

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Experience Cabo Like Never Before

An endless list of activities await a wide variety of travelers. Cabo San Lucas is one of the three main destinations in the Cabo region. Plan a day trip to The Corridor, a highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and the quieter San Jose del Cabo, to see the more upscale residential side of Cabo. Tired of the nightly raves? Reenergize by renting a car and taking a quick day trip to San Jose del Cabo. There you’ll find amazing old-age architectural marvels and see remnants of old Mexico and glittering new properties in one location.

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A Safe Haven For All

Travelers to Mexico might err on the side of caution, but a trip to one of the most popular destinations in the world means you’re safe throughout your stay. Cabo San Lucas is a well-developed paradise with the security to boot.

Whether you’re out snorkeling or renting an ATV in the desert, safety regulations are there to keep you and your guests safe. Have the peace of mind knowing you’ll be visiting a problem-free environment that is as inviting to friend groups as it is to families or solo travelers.

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Water Adventure Like No Other

Water sports are not to be missed in your travels to Cabo San Lucas. This tropical paradise boasts an unbeatable scuba diving and snorkeling experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cabo Pulmo reef. The world-class Los Cabos Marina offers a display of the lively local seafood scene. Here the freshest tuna, dorado, and other quality meats straight from the ocean can be found. The docks are lined with yachts, boats, and jet skis ready for renting and exploring.

Adrenaline junkies will find that the spirit of adventure extends to land activities. Cabo San Lucas features a unique zip lining experience like no other, where riders are suspended as high as 600 feet.

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Unique Experiences For Everyone

At a glance, Cabo San Lucas can be overwhelming. At Agave Villas, we match your personality and travel preferences with a villa you can call your second home. Our team of locally experienced renting agents plan amazing customized vacation packages that every type of tourist can enjoy, whether you’re a family seeking some time together, a group of friends chasing an adrenaline high, or a lone tourist looking for inspiration.

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The Cabo San Lucas Villa Rental Experts in Mexico

Why Experience Cabo San Lucas With Agave Villas Mexico?

Meet Agave Villas owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman

Passion and Expertise Combined

When Agave Villas was founded in 2014, it was started from a passion to share Mexico, this diverse and incredible country that we love and call home. We believe that Mexico is a place that should be visited by everyone…a place of color, flavor, hospitality, music, art, beauty, culture, and kindness. Mexico is not just a place to go for a vacation; it is a place to be experienced.

Because we believe that our clients' vacation and time with their loved ones is valuable and they deserve the very best experience possible, we have become experts in all of our Mexican destinations and have hand selected every villa in our collection. We believe that renting a villa is more than just about privacy, personalized service, comfort, or ease; it is about taking time to spend with family and friends and experiencing memories that will last for a lifetime.

Owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman have a combined 50+ years of experience working in the luxury hospitality industry and are joined by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable rental agents, concierges and villa staff who share their values and passion for what they do. We are dedicated to creating the perfect vacation experience for our clients through first hand knowledge of all of our destinations and our luxury villa collection throughout Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Los Cabos and the Riviera Maya.

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Book a Luxury Villa in Cabo San Lucas

Agave Villas Mexico is the premium team for tourists and travellers looking for the ultimate Mexican villa in Cabo San Lucas and other Mexican destinations. Booking with Agave Villas Mexico ensures that you and your guests experience a premium renting service unlike any other, as our team does everything we can to guarantee an absolute stress-free and personalized vacation.

Finding and booking a villa perfectly suited to your group's wants and needs is never an easy task, which is why Agave Villas Mexico is here to streamline the process of finding Cabo San Lucas rentals. Let us connect you with the Cabo San Lucas vacation rental of your dreams, a luxury world-class home that matches your exact preferences, from bedroom count to price to a breathtaking view, including whatever else you need to make this vacation truly yours.

Experience Mexico the right way, and give you and your guests the luxury villa experience they’ve always wanted. Agave Villas Mexico -- making personalized villa vacations easy.

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