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Looking to book a magical escape to Puerto Vallarta but are unsure of where to stay? Agave Villas makes personalized villa vacations easy with our wide selection of Puerto Vallarta villa rentals. No matter your specifications, our dedicated concierge team can connect you with a luxurious villa that’s perfectly suited to your wants and needs. View our collection and start planning your luxury vacation today.

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Starts at: $695
3 Bedrooms
Starts at: $695
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4 Bedrooms
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Starts at: $920
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Starts at: $895
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Why Puerto Vallarta Is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Vacation

When you’re in the mood for a place where nature, modern lifestyle, and art combine and coexist to create a one-of-a-kind Mexican experience, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to be. Also known as Vallarta or “PV” to the locals, Puerto Vallarta grew organically from its humble beginnings as a typical Mexican pueblo, to one of the most popular and rewarding vacation destinations in the country.

The city of Puerto Vallarta is a unique mix of modern Mexico (with an incomparable nightlife and an array of luxury tourist attractions) and traditional Mexico, where the people remain faithful to their heritage and culture, with parades that honor the Virgin of Guadalupe and a town plaza bustling with local music, art, food, and more.

Puerto Vallarta offers something for everyone. Whether you’re coming for a quiet, spiritual experience by enjoying open-air sculptures and walks through the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, or to experience the luxury activities of golden beaches, world-class gourmet cuisines, and championship golf courses, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal location to rent your Mexican villa and give you and your friends or family a trip you’ll never forget.

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What Makes Puerto Vallarta Unique and Special?

Ultramodern And Cobblestone Streets

What sets Puerto Vallarta apart from other Mexican destinations is its organic growth from a small fishing town to one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Puerto Vallarta was a happy accident, a result of luck, development, and decades of local effort -- turning a cultural landmark of Mexico into one that could now elegantly combine the ultramodern luxury tourist experience with historical cobblestone streets and cultural sights.

With PV, you get something more than just a place built for tourists -- you experience authentic Mexico every step of the way.

Over 50 Miles of Banderas Bay

The beautiful Banderas Bay is said to have been formed by a volcano, and with over 50 miles of shoreline that cross over several towns, including Puerto Vallarta, there are endless possibilities and activities in store for those who want to make the most of one of the most popular beaches in the world.

Swim and scuba dive with dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles; whale watch, snorkel, surf, and try your hand at all water sports across this endless shoreline. A single mile distance along Banderas Bay can lead to a 5000-foot change in elevation, from 2000 feet in the air in the Sierra Madre mountains with gorgeous ocean and panoramic views to 3000-foot deep blue waters.

From Street Tacos to Gourmet Dining

Puerto Vallarta is known as a foodie’s dream destination, which is why visitors can find a wide variety of dining experiences, from local authentic cuisine to gourmet dining. Also offering an array of food tours, where you can walk, bike, or ride as you and your group taste every exquisite bite Puerto Vallarta can offer in a single afternoon, from local tequila to authentic tacos.

With street stalls and 5-star restaurants all offering food to die for, your biggest problem in Puerto Vallarta might be having too many sumptuous meal options to choose from.

Proudly Inclusive

Puerto Vallarta is openly and proudly LGBT-friendly; and is widely known for its inclusivity. The Zona Romántica, on the south side of downtown, is renowned for its quaint cafes, boutique hotels, and art galleries, alongside beach clubs like Mantamar and Blue Chairs, and nightlife venues like Paco’s Ranch and Mr. Flamingo, all welcoming our LGBT visitors. Be sure not to miss Vallarta Pride, quickly becoming one of the best gay pride events in the world, usually held the last weekend of May.

Shopping and Nightlife Fun For Everyone

The Malecón offers an authentic shopping experience for those looking for Mexican memorabilia, particularly at the Isla Rio Cuale flea market. Find handcrafted, local Mexican wares in between world-class dining and beach adventures.

And for the nightlife, experience a different side of Malecón as soon as the sun goes down. Live music and nightclubs of all types can be found all along the north side of Malecón, such as the Mandala, La Vaquita, and Bar Morelos Mezcaleria.

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What You Can Experience in Puerto Vallarta

Botanical Gardens

Since first opening in 2005, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens has been one of the greatest attractions in the area. The private gardens are made up of 64 acres of highland mountain, giving visitors the opportunity to truly breathe in nature with their collections of native tropical plants, the Orchid Conservatory, and the famous Hacienda de Oro Restaurant.

Los Arcos

No Puerto Vallarta vacation escape is complete without dropping by “the Arches” in Banderas Bay, Los Arcos. Named after the gray granite islands spaced like an arch out of the ocean, Los Arcos has a stunning collection of tropical wildlife and natural beauty, making it the perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sightseeing.

Zona Romantica

Known by many names -- such as Viejo Vallarta, Old Town, or simply the Romantic Zone -- Zona Romantica is the ultimate barrio of downtown Puerto Vallarta, giving you the true taste of Vallarta’s heart and soul. With Mexican cobblestone tight and narrow streets, there’s a homey, welcoming vibe to Zona Romantica that will hypnotize you with its charm.

The Malecon

The Malecon, which translates to “boardwalk”, of Puerto Vallarta is a spot you can’t miss during your visit. This cultural gem is packed with art and sculptures every few feet, almost like an interactive art gallery right on the boardwalk. And of course, there’s shopping galore, as well as the gorgeous Church of Our Lady de Guadalupe.

Whale Watching on a Private Yacht Tour

Puerto Vallarta is more than just a city and beach experience -- it’s also one of the best places on earth to go for whale watching. Humpback whales use this area as their birthing hub, allowing visitors to have a close look at these larger-than-life creatures while experiencing the luxury of their own private yacht charter.

Las Islas Marietas

This protected sanctuary is home to an incredibly diverse marine life and a number of native wildlife species including the extremely rare Blue-Footed Booby, which can only be found here in Nayarit and the Galapagos Islands. A few beaches dot the exterior of the islands, including Playa La Nopalera which is known for crystalline waters and incredibly vibrant fish species. Visitors love snorkeling and scuba diving here to enjoy the full beauty of Islas Marietas.

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The Puerto Vallarta Villa Rental Experts in Mexico

Why Experience Puerto Vallarta With Agave Villas Mexico?

Meet Agave Villas owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman

Passion and Expertise Combined

When Agave Villas was founded in 2014, it was started from a passion to share Mexico, this diverse and incredible country that we love and call home. We believe that Mexico is a place that should be visited by everyone…a place of color, flavor, hospitality, music, art, beauty, culture, and kindness. Mexico is not just a place to go for a vacation; it is a place to be experienced.

Because we believe that our clients' vacation and time with their loved ones is valuable and they deserve the very best experience possible, we have become experts in all of our Mexican destinations and have hand selected every villa in our collection. We believe that renting a villa is more than just about privacy, personalized service, comfort, or ease; it is about taking time to spend with family and friends and experiencing memories that will last for a lifetime.

Owners Larissa Magee, Stephanie Watts and Diandra Berman have a combined 50+ years of experience working in the luxury hospitality industry and are joined by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable rental agents, concierges and villa staff who share their values and passion for what they do. We are dedicated to creating the perfect vacation experience for our clients through first hand knowledge of all of our destinations and our luxury villa collection throughout Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Los Cabos and the Riviera Maya.

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Book a Luxury Villa in Puerto Vallarta

Agave Villas Mexico is the premium team for tourists and travellers looking for the ultimate Mexican villa in Puerto Vallarta and other Mexican destinations. Booking with Agave Villas Mexico ensures that you and your guests experience a premium renting service unlike any other, as our team does everything we can to guarantee an absolute stress-free and personalized vacation.

Finding and booking a villa perfectly suited to your group's wants and needs is never an easy task, which is why Agave Villas Mexico is here to streamline the process of finding Puerto Vallarta rentals. Let us connect you with the Puerto Vallarta vacation rental of your dreams, a luxury world-class home that matches your exact preferences, from bedroom count to price to a breathtaking view, including whatever else you need to make this vacation truly yours.

Experience Mexico the right way, and give you and your guests the luxury villa experience they’ve always wanted. Agave Villas Mexico -- making personalized villa vacations easy.

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