When deciding to book a vacation villa vs hotel, you may be wondering what benefits a private vacation villa in Mexico can offer that a hotel doesn’t. In truth, a villa offers you a completely customizable holiday experience that you can tailor to your needs and preferences. Browse Agave Villas’ extensive listings for exclusive private villas that will have you ditching the hotel lifestyle in favor of comfort, privacy, and more! 

1. Privacy

By design, hotels and resorts prioritize serving as many customers as possible. Having so many strangers around you in the same place inevitably means your privacy will be greatly reduced. In contrast, villas house only you and your fellow guests, with just enough staff to service the property appropriately. You’ll have a private residence to yourself, and you’ll be less beholden to the strict noise regulations in place at a hotel. That said, being that most villas are located in residential communities, guests should always be mindful of their neighbors, keeping outdoor noise at a reasonable level and always adhere to the community guidelines. 

2. More Space

Hotel rooms typically offer minimal living space. If you are staying with a large group, it’s likely you will need multiple rooms and won’t be able to stay together. For the money you would spend on a large suite, you could stay at a private villa instead and have an entire home to yourself, along with the surrounding property. You and your group will also have exclusive access to the property and its luxurious facilities. 

3. Staff/Services

Luxury villas will be fully serviced by a small team of experienced staff whose only responsibility is to take care of you and your group. Though hotels may have a large staff, their team members are often preoccupied and occasionally overwhelmed by the sheer number of guests they are responsible for. In a private villa, you know you’ll receive the five-star service of a resort with a more personal touch. 

4. Dining

When staying at a hotel, your dining options are often limited to room service, eating at the hotel’s restaurant, or heading out for a meal. Not only can these meals add up, but it can mean that you don’t get to experience all the unique cuisine available nearby.  

When staying in a villa, you have options when it comes to dining. You’ll likely have access to a full kitchen, so you can store snacks and cook meals if you choose, saving you money that you can then spend on other aspects of your trip. Many villas also have personal chefs to cook for you, providing a totally customizable experience. 

5. Price

While the upfront cost of renting a villa in Mexico may seem high, it often ends up being cheaper than booking multiple hotel rooms, particularly when traveling with a large group. When you book a villa, there is one upfront cost per night for all your guests, and when guests split the cost, the price becomes much more reasonable and may actually save you money. 

6. Unique Accommodations

Hotels and resorts often come across as cookie-cutter; they use uniform furnishings and décor across the board. Villas, on the other hand, are each as unique as their locations. Villas can be located anywhere, from the bustling city to a remote beachside paradise, allowing you to become more immersed in whatever setting you prefer, along with its culture and natural beauty. 

Escape to Paradise with Agave Villas

Booking a villa with us means you’ll gain access to enhanced privacy, comfort, and a truly personalized experience on your next tropical getaway. Contact us today for assistance in booking your next amazing escape at one of our premium villas in Puerto VallartaPunta MitaLos Cabos, or Riviera Maya

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