villa is an excellent option for group vacations, allowing you to accommodate more guests than a hotel room and offering you ample space and privacy. Traveling with a group has unique challenges, but with proper planning (and a little help from the experts at Agave Villas!), you’ll enjoy a trip to paradise that all of you will remember for years to come. 

1. Choose Your Destination 

The most important decision is where you’d like to visit! Think about the activities that the group wants to participate in and decide on your group’s budget. With a wide selection of villas in prime locations like Puerto VallartaLos CabosPunta Mita, and Riviera Maya, we have the perfect vacation for you! 

2. Create a Group Wishlist

It’s important to discover what each person is looking for, both in terms of trip activities and your villa accommodations. Do they prefer to relax and have an open schedule, or are they more interested in filling up your schedule with as much fun as possible?  

For villa accommodations, what kind of amenities do you need? For a vacation where relaxation is the primary goal, you may wish to have a pool, hot tub, and other spa-like facilities. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking for a place to decompress after a long day of exploration, you may enjoy more basic options that save you money for your activities. 

3. Get Expert Advice

Choosing your perfect villa doesn’t have to be complicated! The villa specialists at Agave Villas are happy to help, using our years of experience to provide expert advice. We’ll find the perfect villa for your group and make the appropriate arrangements for you so that everything goes smoothly.  

4. Assign Rooms Before You Arrive

Assign rooms beforehand to ensure that everyone is getting what they need. Pay attention to how many beds are available at your villa, as many villas have sofa beds and futons to sleep more people, but these options often won’t be in a private room.  

5. Plan Fun Activities!

Do you like adventure activities like ziplining and ATV rides? Do you want to explore historic monuments or ancient ruins? Or would you prefer to spend your time lounging on the beach and catching some waves?  

Decide on a list of essential activities and research ways to make them happen! As always, Agave Villas is pleased to offer local recommendations. 

6. Consider Transportation Options

It’s important to think about how you’ll travel with a large group. Will you rent a couple of smaller vehicles? Or do you prefer that everyone travels together? If you choose the second option, be sure that your rental car company has larger vehicles that will accommodate all guests.  

If you stay at one of the villas offered by Agave Villas, our concierge can organize airport transfers to and from the villa as well as transportation with a private driver to any activities throughout your stay. 

7. Keep Villa Guidelines in Mind

Each villa has its own set of house rules, particularly regarding noise. Review these guidelines so your group is familiar with them and follow the rules to ensure that everyone has a great time.  

Plan Your Perfect Group Vacation with Agave Villas 

Our expert staff have years of industry experience and are happy to help you plan that perfect family vacation, girls’ trip, bachelor party, and much more! Browse our premium villa listings and contact us today to get started. 

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