At Agave Villas, we strive to offer you a wide range of luxurious vacation villas, whether you’re eager to escape the winter chill, celebrate your holiday in paradise, or simply looking for a fantastic getaway at an affordable price. When planning your dream vacation in Mexico, seasonality is a key factor to consider, since rates vary depending on when you choose to stay with us. The weather conditions in Mexico also change between high and low season, which may affect the activities you choose to enjoy. High season refers to the most popular time for tourists in Mexico, while low season means the period in which fewer people are visiting. 

When is high season in Mexico?

High season in Mexico is usually from November to April, during the winter months. As a result, our villa rates typically increase during this time. High season also takes place during Mexico’s dry season, which brings with it the gorgeous hot weather it’s known for. This is the ideal time for activities like surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. If you’re looking to escape the ice and snow, or to enjoy your winter holidays on the beach, this is the perfect time to plan your ultimate getaway.

When is low season in Mexico?

Low season in Mexico is from May to October, during the summer and autumn months. Low season is an ideal time of year for booking on a budget because our rates typically decrease during these months. Many visitors actually prefer to visit during this time as it is a quieter time of year.

During this time, we also enter Mexico’s rainy season, which can mean higher humidity and tropical showers. This provides a great opportunity to explore excellent local shopping, dining at one of many fantastic local restaurants, and enjoying sightseeing in one of the most picturesque destinations in the world.

Additionally, even though it’s called rainy season, there will still be sun during the day with clouds rolling in the late afternoon, leaving plenty of time for outdoor activities for those who wish to explore Mexico’s natural landscape. Low season visitors will also be able to experience amazing thunder and lightning storms over the bay in evening, which makes for a spectacular show.

Villa Minimum Stay Requirements by Season

Regardless of when you choose to stay with us, all our villas require a minimum 3–4-night stay. During high season, this may increase to 4-5 nights. However, certain villas—such as many of those located in Puerto Vallarta—require a 4-night stay even during the low season. If you’re planning to spend the holidays with us, consider that all holiday stays are subject to a 7-night minimum stay. Depending on your choice of villa, this may increase to a minimum 14-night stay to cover the full two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s.

No Matter the Season, We’re Here to Help 

We offer a wide range of vacation villas to choose from to suit your needs, budget, and desired location. With villas across Los CabosPunta Mita, and Puerto Vallarta, you’ll have endless options for comfortable, luxurious accommodations in some of Mexico’s most naturally beautiful locations. Our team is passionate about our beautiful country and about personalized customer service. For any further clarification or if you have questions about a specific villa, our team of Villa Specialists are available to assist. 

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