With the announcement of new areas opening in Uxmal Archaeological Park, many new visitors are flocking to the site to view more of its beautiful architecture and interesting history. While Chichen Itza remains the most popular site to visit in Riviera Maya, Uxmal offers just as many opportunities for exploration and discovery—your chance to become a part of the city’s rich history.

What is the Significance Behind Uxmal Archaeological Park? 

Uxmal is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites. Dated back as far as 250 CE, the city was a vibrant center of Mayan art and architecture, and home to approximately 25,000 people. Uxmal is laid out according to its relationship with astrological phenomena rather than by a traditional geometric design, and its towering Pyramid of the Magician is an impressive sight worthy of a trip all on its own. 

For a special look at the beautiful Puuc-style architecture at Uxmal, visit the Place of the Governor—a massive 100m long stone façade covered with intriguing designs. The high concentration of medicinal plants growing along its east side has caused some experts to speculate that the Maya cultivated them to treat a variety of ailments. 

What Travelers Should Know About Visiting the Uxmal Archaeological Park

Visiting the Uxmal Archaeological Park is an enriching and immersive experience that offers travelers a glimpse into the fascinating world of ancient Mayan civilization. Here is what every traveler should be aware of before embarking on their journey to the Uxmal Archaeological Park. 

1. New Sections of the Uxmal Ruins to Explore 

For the very first time, new areas of the Uxmal ruins are open for visitors to explore freely, including the Puuc cemetery site of El Palomar and the Palace of the Phalluses fertility site.  

Interestingly, the cemetery site gets its name from depictions of skulls and crossbones on altars, but no human remains were ever discovered there. It’s believed that it was instead a place of worship for the Mayans, with several ruined temples in the area. 

The Palace of the Phalluses is actually a garden containing many phallic statues, all thought to increase fertility. It was once difficult to access, but new efforts to improve pathways to the area have now made it easier to visit this unusual but fascinating site. 

2. Traveler Access to the Pyramid is Forbidden 

In the past, travelers could climb the steps of the Pyramid of the Magician. This is no longer permitted, and climbing is now forbidden. It’s unfortunate but preserving the ancient site so that future generations can enjoy it is a worthy goal. However, visitors are still welcome to take photos of the magnificent structure, so don’t forget your camera!

3. Increased Site Accessibility 

Welcome changes have been made to enhance the site’s accessibility so that more travelers can visit comfortably and enjoy a trip into the fascinating history of the Mayan people. While thick brush was previously an issue for many visitors, it has since been cleared away, and a brand-new visitor’s trail has been added to improve access. Landscaping has also been restored to its natural state, allowing you to picture the city as it was hundreds of years ago. 

Where to Stay During Your Uxmal Archaeological Park Visit 

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