Ditch the snow and ice this holiday season with a fantastic getaway to Riviera Maya! We’ve rounded up our top reasons to spend the holidays in Riviera Maya, from its pristine beaches to its fascinating local history, so you can easily plan your next trip with us. Don’t forget to browse our listings for the perfect villa, where you can toast to the New Year in style! 

Top 5 Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Riviera Maya 

1.  Scenic Natural Wonders 

Riviera Maya remains one of the most beautiful, scenic destinations in the world, with plenty of natural wonder to explore. Discover its famous white sand beaches, lush jungle, and magnificent mountains as you take in the beauty and serenity of nature. 

One of Riviera Maya’s stunning natural features is its cenotes, which are natural pools created by the collapse of limestone bedrock. Its network of underground pools and rivers are a joy to explore via swimming, snorkeling, and diving. 

2. Mayan Ruins 

For thousands of years, Riviera Maya was home to the ancient Maya, and today, you can still view the breathtaking ruins they left behind with a variety of tours and other activities. 

The crown jewel of Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, is just a short trip away, and if you only visit one archeological site, it’s the one we recommend most highly. Its legendary pyramid, El Castillo, holds hundreds of years of fascinating history and makes a striking backdrop for photos. Other intriguing archeological sites nearby includes the Tulum and Coba ruins.

3. Gorgeous Weather 

Visiting around the holidays means you’ll almost certainly be guaranteed fantastic weather. Mexico’s dry season begins in November, which means clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and temperatures around 28˚C/82˚F. It’s ideal for sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and any other outdoor fun you may have planned. Escape the drudgery of snow and frigid temperatures and celebrate on the beach, cocktail in hand! 

4. Pristine Beaches 

The beaches in Riviera Maya are undeniably the best in the world, and no holiday in Riviera Maya would be complete without ample fun in the sun. Get up close and personal with sea turtles at Akumal Beach, explore the restaurants and bars along Parque Fundadores, and sunbathe on Playa Paraiso near Tulum, with El Castillo looming over the cliffside. 

5. Luxury Accommodations 

Lounge by the pool in style and comfort with your own private villa! Booking a luxurious private villa ensures complete privacy and exclusive use of the facilities—no more sharing with strangers or cramming yourself into overcrowded spaces. Enjoy fantastic amenities like private pools, hot tubs, patios, sports facilities, and much more! 

Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Agave Villas 

Your perfect holiday season begins on the beach! When you stay with us, you’ll get access to a private villa with everything you need to celebrate your holidays in style. Browse our listings or contact us today to start planning your next holiday getaway in Riviera Maya! 

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