As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Mexico sees as many as 66 million visitors every year. Los Cabos alone, as a popular tourist mecca, welcomes as many as 7 million tourists per year! Visitors find Los Cabos to be beautiful, scenic, and full of fun activities, from its world-class beaches to its exciting nightlife. 

However, we’re often asked if Los Cabos is a safe destination for travelers. Any time you travel, it’s important to keep your safety in mind. In this regard, Los Cabos is no different than any other popular tourist destination in the world. If you do your research and keep our travel tips in mind, Los Cabos is a safe vacation spot for your next tropical getaway. 

Is Safety a Concern in Los Cabos? 

You may have seen recent headlines about violent crime in Mexico. We know that it can be concerning to see troubling stories about tourists being victimized, but we also know from many years of helping guests book incredible vacations that these are rare, isolated incidents. Millions of people visit Los Cabos every year and enjoy a dream vacation with no safety issues. 

Unfortunately, news media often reports these incidents as if they represent the entire country, and we know that that’s just not true. Mexico is a large, diverse place, and while some areas do pose a greater risk to visitors, these locations are typically not popular tourist destinations. To use the U.S. as an example, just because a crime occurs in Detroit, doesn’t mean that you should cancel your trip to Houston. Tourist-centered areas of Mexico like Los Cabos are generally safe, and as long as you take normal precautions that you should take any time you travel, your risk of encountering any problems is very low. 

Los Cabos Safety Tips 

1. Use the same common sense you would use at home 

Whether you're traveling to Los Cabos or anywhere else in the world, we always advise our clients to use the same common sense they would in their own hometown. Avoid traveling alone in unfamiliar areas at night, be cautious when interacting with strangers, refrain from purchasing drugs, and limit your alcohol consumption, especially if you're on your own. Our primary goal is for our guests to have a safe and enjoyable vacation, and we believe that following these simple guidelines will ensure just that. 

2. Stay in a gated community 

If safety is a concern for you, you may want to book a private villa that's located in a gated community such as Puerto Los Cabos, Pedregal, or Palmilla. Many of our villas are located inside gated communities with controlled entry and 24/7 security onsite. Based on years of feedback from our clients, we know that these communities take safety seriously, and guests love staying there. 

3. Store valuables in a secure location 

Keep any valuables such as extra cash, credit cards, expensive jewelry, and electronics inside the safe that most villas provide for your personal use. If you must take high-value items out with you in public, be discreet and keep them out of sight as much as possible. 

4. Learn common Spanish words and phrases 

Any time you travel to a destination where the official language isn’t English, it’s a good idea to learn some common words or phrases in the nation’s native language. When visiting Mexico, memorizing key phrases in Spanish (“please” and “thank you”, for example) goes a long way towards showing locals that you’re polite and respectful, and that you care about their culture. It’ll also make it much easier to ask for help, should you need it. 

5. Know who to call

Make sure you have all of the necessary emergency phone numbers on hand before you travel to Los Cabos. If you're staying at a villa with Agave Villas, our on-site concierges are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or concerns you may have during your stay. Save their contact information and other important phone numbers in your phone or on paper, so you can quickly access them in case of an emergency. 

6. Let our expert team guide your vacation planning

If you find the planning process for your trip to be overwhelming, consider working with the team at Agave Villas. Our team is made up of local and experienced professionals who know exactly what destinations tourists love, as well as local customs and safety precautions. They’re happy to answer all your questions and will know more about Los Cabos than the average tourist website. 

Why Visit Los Cabos?

Now that we have gone over some of the safety tips to keep in mind when visiting Los Cabos, let's go over the top 3 reasons why you should visit.

1. Stunning natural scenery

Los Cabos is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Mexico. Visitors can explore the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas, visit the scenic Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, or simply relax on one of the many stunning beaches that Los Cabos has to offer.

2. World-class golf courses

Los Cabos is a golf lover's paradise, with a wide range of world-class golf courses. From stunning oceanfront greens to challenging desert layouts, Los Cabos offers golfers an unparalleled experience. Some of the most notable courses include Cabo del Sol, Quivira Golf Club, and Diamante Cabo San Lucas which has been ranked among the best courses in the world.

3. Baja California desert experiences

Explore the stunning desert landscapes of Baja California Sur. Visitors can take guided ATV or dune buggy tours to explore the rugged terrain, including stunning rock formations and towering cacti. Enhance your adventure by going on a camel safari, an unforgettable experience that offers a new perspective on the region's desert environment.

Soak in the Best of Los Cabos with Agave Villas 

Los Cabos has had a record-breaking year for tourism, and it’s easy to see why! Its gorgeous beaches, clear waters, and fun activities like snorkeling and sailing make for a stunning vacation destination for any traveler. Traveling safely is a concern everywhere, but as long as you’re appropriately cautious, Los Cabos is a safe place for your next vacation. Contact us today to start planning your next escape to paradise! 

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